Aurora Travel | Real estate
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Real estate

Real estate (rent, sale, purchase)

After long work in tourism, the roads, in a strange way, as they usually do in life, have taken us into a new sphere. REAL ESTATE sphere. “The development path of the tourist agency AURORA travel initially shyly, and now, every day more and more strongly, is expanding its activities and becoming a serious business entity in Montenegro, with a lot of business partners abroad. Real estate simply “got in the way” and it was unthinkable to bypass it.

Simply, we networked and connected all our previous experience, many private and business contacts, the need for some new dimensions in the business, and most importantly, the overwhelming desire and trust of our clients to establish cooperation for the common interests.


Dear clients, if you see a chance to rent an apartment through our agency, sell land, buy an apartment, we are here just for you!