Aurora Travel | EyeSTAR clinic (Istanbul)
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EyeSTAR clinic (Istanbul)

Get rid of the diopter at the renowned EyeSTAR clinic in Istanbul!
The guarantee is lifelong!

One day, upon returning from surgery, our client opend the door of the agency and enthusiastically said:
“I can’t believe… this morning , for the first time, after 28 years, I could see a hill from my balcony, without glasses!”

AURORA TRAVEL is a representative of the renowned EyeSTAR clinic in Istanbul. Employees in the agency will coordinate with the clinic in detail, provide air tickets, hotel accommodation, transfer from the airport to the hotel (in the immediate vicinity of the clinic), from hotel to clinic, as well as returning home.

The intervention is done by laser. After an intervention, you will leave the clinic immediately… and you are at home for a just few days!