Aurora Travel | Travel Insurance
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Travel Insurance

Going on the road always contains a certain amount of uncertainty and u unpredictability. Sometimes it happens that our journey and stay are going completely other direction than planned.

With the policy of travel health insurance, the biggest part of your concerns is taken by an insurance company
A package of travel insurance for potential customers allows you to arrange additional insurance coverage along with basic Travel Insurance, such as: auto assistance, luggage loss insurance and / or insurance of premature interruption of the journey.

By purchasing a travel health insurance policy, you can choose, according to your needs, one, two or three additional insurance:

• Car Assistance – provides organization of assistance, as well as cost recovery in case the insured is in trouble due to: damage and destruction of vehicles, traffic accidents, loss of fuel, loss or damage to keys, etc.

• Loss of luggage – refers to damage caused by loss, unlawful seizure, damage of travel luggage, to the agreed amount of insurance.

*Providing the cost of premature interruption of the trip , covers an unused portion of the arrangement, due to the unforeseen break, due to sudden obstacles such as death, serious illness and serious injury due to an accident.


Whether you are traveling individually, family or business, you can now provide yourself with a Travel Insurance Package while traveling and staying abroad, with a very wide insurance coverage of many risks.