Aurora Travel | Ayurveda medicine (Mumbai)
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Ayurveda medicine

Exclusive Representation with Ajurveda Clinic Samskrt Life

AURORA TRAVEL, with special pride and honor, emphasizes cooperation and exclusive representation (Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Kosovo) with the famous AJURVEDA team of doctors from India, Samskrt Life.

Ayurveda, a branch of medicine 5000 years old, its principles are primarily based on the balance of three elemental energies: (airspace – the “wind”), (fire and water – “bile”) and (water and earth – “mucus”). According to Ayurvedic medical theory, if these three energies are in equal amounts (balanced), the body will be healthy.

Ayurveda urges you to understand the importance of harmony in Body, Mind and Soul.

In the clinic SAMSKRT LIFE, it’s incredibly successful, it’s being treated:
– Cancer
– Diabetes
– Infertility
– Weightloss
– Joint Problems
– Hairloss
– Skin Problems
– Panchakarma And Massage

…and much more.

All potential clients can ask AURORA TRAVEL Agency for assistance in consulting doctors in India regarding their problem, providing visas for India, medical documentation, airline tickets.

The unselfish team of the agency AURORA TRAVEL coordinates, in your name, with the expert team of the clinic, and open the way for solving your problems.

Samskrt Life, headquartered in Mumbai (India) and London (UK), is comprised of a team of doctors:

Dr. Siddhartha Sangupta (founder)
Dr. Ashok Paranjpe
Dr. Sonali Nimbalkar
Dr. Prachi Yadav
Mr. Ankur Banerjee: Admin
Mr. D. Sonawane: Logistics